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    January 30, 2021 /  Wedding and Dating

    When planning a wedding you may be overwhelmed with the terminology and the number of vendors. It may be wise to learn some of the jargon and to familiarize yourself with who’s who.

    A la Carte – A menu style which allows guests to order from a menu.

    Bomboniere – Gifts purchased for the guests by the bride and groom usually passed around or left on the table. Typically an ornament accompanied by sugared almonds.

    Bridezilla – A bride that has become unreasonable in her demands expecting nothing less than perfection. Everything must be done her way and reasoning with her becomes futile.

    Buttercream Icing – the most popular wedding cake icing is made of butter, confectionery sugar and milk.

    Button Holes – Flowers used in the grooms attire/ clothing usually matching the brides and bridesmaids bouquet.

    Candid Photography – Photography which is real and not forced. Pictures are when people least expect it in order to look more natural.

    Carrot – The size of the diamond in the wedding/ engagement ring.

    Chair Covers – used to the cover the chairs at receptions in order to keep them uniform usually matching the colour theme of the bridal party.

    Corset – A bodice with boning which is form fitted on the body.

    Garland – This is decoration which usually adorns the pews and tables of woven rope, flowers and ribbon.

    Garter – The garter is usually worn by the bride and removed by the groom and then thrown into the crowd.

    Marzipan – Usually used as wedding cake icing made from crushed almonds and sugar.

    Notice of Intended Marriage Form – This form is the legal document which is required to tie the knot. Usually lodged no later than 6 weeks before the wedding.

    Posy Bouquet – A circular bouquet made from round flowers usually roses.

    Princess / A – line – Slim fitting, vertical seams flow from shoulders to hem. There is no seam on the waist.

    Save the Date Cards – An informal invitation which precedes the wedding invitation advising guests when the wedding will be taking place. It is a good idea when wedding is close to public holidays or the invitations a delayed.

    Swarovski – Crystal glass used in gowns and jewellery as embellishment and decoration.

    Table centre pieces – The decoration placed in the centre of the table to adorn the venue or location.

    Tiara – Crown and hairpieces used to style your hair usually attaching the viel.

    Teardrop Bouquet – A bouquet shaped like a tear from with a rounded top and a peak down the bottom.

    Throw away posy – A small less expensive version of the bouquet to throw out to the crowd. This allows the bride to keep her bouquet.

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